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What is Homoeopathy

Safe Gentle Way To Heal

Chances are you’ve heard of Homeopathy but aren’t exactly sure what it is. Herbs? Supplements? Something natural but very difficult to pronounce.
You’re on the right track…Let’s  tell you a little more.

Homeopathy is a 200+ year-old system of medicine originally developed in Germany. I Can give you all the stuff about succussion and potencies, but i guess you would rather know how its different from “normal medicine” (allopathic) and how it would work for you and your illness.
There is one key factor that set’s Homeopathy apart from conventional medicine both in how it is practiced and how it works that give’s it the edge, when it comes to bringing about true health and wellness.
Homoeopathy works with the body  allowing the body to  balance and harmonise, the result is the systems and the chemistry of the body also balance and harmonise, so the body returns to efficiently doing what it knows what to do, healing in a safe and gentle way. 

Conventional medicine

Much of conventional medical care involves assessing symptoms, making a diagnosis, and prescribing medication to stop or lessen the symptoms, (not the cause). While this approach may indeed stop symptoms,  it frequently can cause side effects and the underlying reason for the the illness goes unchecked.
The suppression on one level,  will then cause the imbalance to express  itself on another level. When an imbalance is expressing itself through a particular body system, removal of the system does not heal the imbalance, it just puts up a block and the symptoms finds expression elsewhere.


The understanding of homeopathy is: Your body has the ability to repair and heal itself, and is  focused on the cause of the illness or disease. That answer may lie in diet, food intolerances, dehydration, life style, stress, worry,  emotional trauma or shock even environmental issues can have an effect, all of these can and do lower your immunity. This will make you more vulnerable to illness and disease.

Before we go any further let’s break down that word “disease.”Lets see what that word is really saying dis–ease” 
Some how that  doesn’t seem so frightening, does it? knowing the body is just in “dis–ease”.(out of balance) Lets get back to the point, symptoms which are messages from your body, pointing to the source of the problem. Once the cause has been understood and dealt with the body can start to restore balance (health), allowing its chemistry and systems to once again work in harmony.     


Don't underestimate your body's intelligence

We have all been so blinded as to how capable and amazing our bodies really are. It just needs our co-operation and a different understanding of its messages (symptoms). Whether that is Mental! Emotional! or Physical! Homoeopathy is always looking to heal the cause, not just the symptoms. This is why it is a safe gentle way to heal because it works with the body. 

Foot note

I will point out here you will find Homoeopathy is the orginal spelling, and Homeopathy is the American spelling you will come across both of these spellings throughout this website. 

We have a Doctor within ourselves

Our own innate ability to heal When we get a small cut on our finger, it bleeds, later it stops bleeding! the blood clots and we don’t need any medical help for this small wound to heal, the body takes care of it all. But if the wound is big, it needs an external aid like some stitches that help our body to heal, in the same way, a broken bone when set right, heals on its own without any medication.

The doctor within ourselves guides and heals our body during illness. In this context, we are aware of the fighting force of white blood corpuscles that are constantly guarding  our body. But If we are stressed or worried a lot of our energy will be directed by the body into our thinking process because we are  trying to fix or sort the problem so the body needs to produce more adrenaline, which can also  affect our sleep  not getting healthy recharge time. This can and does create problems with our immunity our digestive system and also our nervous system.

When we need Extra Healing Power

If there is a significant health problem when the body alone cannot manage to recover on its own and sickness surfaces in the form of pain and symptoms. Here, our body needs an external force which will aid the body to recover and this is where Homeopathy steps in. It strengthens the immune system (that guards our body)  and also helps to deal with the emotional pressure we feel.

The body is always trying to re-balance  

It is a system of medicine that works on the principle that our body’s are constantly making the effort to maintain and re-establish the internal stability. So when the body is in a state of sickness. Homeopathic medicines gently provides stimulation to the immune system and help’s us restore balance and health.

Going to the Root of the Trouble

Homeopathy is about treating you as an individual and not just your diseased parts independently. Unlike mainstream medicine, it does not treat the name/label of the disease, but it looks for the cause, the root of the problem,  or the maintaining cause of the health issue. When the cause is removed, or the maintaining factor is recognised the body can then start to restore health. 

What happens next

If I want Homoeopathic treatment

With your first consultation  as a matter of routine we also complete a
food intolerance test

To make sure your body is not struggling to cope with foods its intolerant to. 
you to send a hair sample just a few strands (6/8) about 1.5cm long wrap in a tissue
 and confirm your name, date of birth, and your telephone number.  

     Post to: 

World of Homoeopathy
115 Zellig
The Custard Factory
Birmingham B9 4AT   

Once we receive your hair sample  we will call you to make your appointment.

Need more information on food intolerance test.   


The Cost

Your First consultation includes:

 Food Intolerance Test 

5 weeks of Homoeopathic remedies 
and consultation 45 – 60 mins

This is payable the day of your consultation 

Cost £60

On going Homoeopathic treatment 
consultations are every 5 to 6 weeks and include 
5 weeks of Homoeopathic remedies 

 Cost £40 

 This is payable on the day of your consultation


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