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Bernie Hubball L.C.P.Hom

Why I Became a Homoeopath
My personal demon came in my twenties.
I became crippled with Arthritis.

This was my wake up call within a few short weeks, I had gone from my normal state of rushing through life with never enough time to get everything done, to being unable to move. With doctors visits, blood tests, painkillers and nothing could eased the pain, I aged 10 years in just a few weeks. My hands had started to deform, I couldn’t walk more than a few steps at time. To drive my car was agony, every joint in my body had been affected. I went to see Private Doctors thinking they would be able to Fix Me.
 They put me on Prednisolone (Steroids) that was the Magic Bullet. The pain all went away I could walk, drive my car, I could even walk up and down stairs upright (well run). So what if I had to take medication for the rest of my life, if it kept the pain away I was ok with that, problem solved!. So I thought! A few weeks into this treatment the doctors were telling me this was a very high dose, and I couldn’t stay on it. I needed to reduce it otherwise it would weaken my heart. My body had started to swell, my teeth became loose, I had an odd rash that moved around my body but still no pain!!. But the minute I reduced the tablets, even by a tiny amount the pain was back big style!  This was the light bulb moment /nightmare realisation, it was slowly dawning on me that I wasn’t going to get better. All that was happening was my symptoms were being treated, but not the cause which had brought all this on in the first place! No one seemed even interested in that question, why would they be? They weren’t feeling the pain, the restriction, the anger and frustration I Was!!!!
It was my pain, I needed to get this sorted and stop thinking someone else was going to fix me. At least I could think straight while I was free of pain. I couldn’t believe there was no way out of this mess. I was determined to find my way through and get this sorted. I spent hours at the library reading medical books (this was before the internet) trying to find out what had happened. The more I read the more I realised my body had been slipping out of balance for a least two years before. I was dehydrated, my endocrine system was totally out of sync but my stubborn determined way was for once working for me, rather than against me. I needed to get back into balance and I needed to change the way I was running my life, change the foods I was eating,  and my attitude needed to change. I needed to nurture me! I started looking for alternatives as the medication I was taking was not going to be a long term solution, unless I wanted to get sicker. This all lead me to homoeopathy, I started taking homeopathic remedies to ease myself through the pain as i reduced the steroids. Needless to say the doctors thought I was a “blonde bimbo” who didn’t know what she was talking about. Their response was you have Arthritis you must learn to live with it, and discounted my research. I trusted my own gut and carried on reducing the steroids very, very slowly, which was painful to start, I pushed through and as I continued to reduce the drugs and increase the homoeopathy the pain lessened. I had not really told any of the doctors what I was doing, I didn’t need or want to hear them telling me I was wasting my time. My body was telling me I was right! And until I had proven that, there really was no point in having a confrontation with them.  I had significantly reduced the drugs, to almost none. I had yet another appointment with the specialist, I finally told him I was taking only a tiny amount of the steroids, and explained  What I had been doing. His answer was Arthritis can go in waves it can dip in and out; you can have good periods and then bad, mark my words it will be back.  I was done!!! That was it !! I never went to see him again. It all took about eighteen months but slowly and surely through that time I noticed at first subtle changes, but enough to know I was improving, I continued with the changes and decided to train as a homoeopath and I have now been Arthritis free for 40 years, but I do listen to my body now. I know if I get carried away and start to neglect myself it will send me a message, on the whole we work well together!! That time in my life taught me a lot and took my life in a totally different direction. Now I see what a blessing it was! If I can do it then so can we all. That is my role in life to show people there is a different way. I’m not saying it’s easy but if you really want to be free of pain and illness, there is always a way because basically your body is just out of balance. Your body wants to return to its natural state of harmony, so it doesn’t matter what label you are given, your body wants to be healthy that is its natural state. If you are struggling with pain or discomfort. I hope my story resonates with you, so you too can make the changes, and restore your own body back to health Nothing is impossible the word itself says Im- possible! Bernie


Fiona Stacey L.H.C.Hom

Why I became a Homeopath

By a chance comment from a friend I discovered Homeopathy. I didn’t pursue changing my life to become a homeopath … Homeopathy found me…

Why Homeopathy? By a chance comment from a friend I discovered Homeopathy. I didn’t pursue changing my life to become a homeopath … Homeopathy found me… I was ill, I had Diabetes Insipidus (a more unusual form of diabetes it affects the pituitary gland, and my pituitary stem was growing) and I was also suffering from depression. I had been down the route of hospitals, endless tests, brain scans and medications but I wasn’t recovering, it felt like a life sentence, Doctors told me I would have to take drugs for the rest of my life, there was no cure and they didn’t know why I had developed the problem. There wasn’t much about my life that worked for me or that I enjoyed, it was a daily slog to get through the day. So a friend suggested Homeopathy it had worked for her. I didn’t act on it straight away but on a day I felt really ill and desperate, I rang the Homeopath on the third attempt instead of putting the phone down I waited for the phone to be answered….. Then my journey back to health began I was told it’s not a miracle cure, but if you really want to get well you can turn this around. This was a WOW moment for me, I had some hope for the first time in a long time. I made an appointment, I was anxious and excited about this new opportunity to get back to health. Homeopathy was unknown to me all those years ago, what was it about? It was about restoring balance to all of me, not just to my body but to my whole life it was a different way at looking at illness, to empower myself, rather than feeling a victim of this illness and of life in general. My daily routine with the Diabetes Insipidus was drinking at least 20 to 30 pints of water a day (you cannot quench the extreme thirst), as the kidneys do not hold fluids; as you can imagine that was very impractical especially when outside the house when drinking that amount of water, but I had 3 small children so I had no choice, but very slowly with homeopathy and a better way of understanding life, body, mind and spirit, my health started to improve. I took control of my life and I made changes. It wasn’t a miracle cure it took time to get to a point where I felt well, and NORMAL and I was drinking a normal amount of water a day. My life became worth living again, I wanted others to know about homeopathy, and as a consequence I decided to train as a Homeopath. I have now been a Homeopath for 10 years, I am constantly reminded of those dark days of my illness with new patients who arrive with no hope, who think their lives are over and feel just like me that they are living a prison sentencLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Norma Bayliss L.H.C.Hom.

Why I became a Homeopath

I first came across homoeopathy when my 2 small children both had asthma, so I looked for reasons why they were susceptible and what I could do lifestyle wise and thought I would try homoeopathy. As the children improved I thought it may help with my migraines and acne rosacea – it did. I began working as a receptionist in the clinic and that was where I started learning about it and saw the incredible results. I used it for myself and family, at a basic level, for years and then decided to become a qualified Homoeopath and I haven’t looked back..

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