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Homeopathy safe gentle way to heal whatever your health problem

Homeopathic Consultations

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  • Free Food Intolerance Test (Limited period only)
  • Five weeks Remedies
  • One Hour Consultation
  • Cost £60
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Homeopathic Consultations

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Why do we carry out a food intolerance test on your first Homeopathic Consultation ?

We have found over the years if there is an under lying issue adding to your health problems, it can take your body much longer to restore health.

That underlying issue maybe a food your body is struggling to cope with or a food it can't digest, it maybe you are dehydrated so your body will be holding on to toxic and you become more acidic therefore feeling listless and tired.

This can lower your immune system, leaving you feeling unwell getting regular: coughs , colds, headaches, stomach problems plus many more on going health issues. It could be a vitamin or mineral deficiency, it maybe all three.

We find having a food intolerance test ahead of your first consultation can highlight any problems and those maintaining causes can also be addressed. Dealing with your health problems in a more efficient way, which can improve your health and get you feeling better sooner.

If you have had your health problems for a long time or your problems are emotional don't be put off. The body has an amazing capacity to restore health if given the right tools.

Want to know more about the Food Intolerance Test with out Homeopathy Click Here

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Eczema and other skin problems

In babies and toddlers, eczema usually starts with patches on the face, neck or scalp,
in the crease of back of knees and elbows.

Children older You can find it starts to spread into patches on the stomach and back and the creases of joints spread into a bigger patches and the itch gets much worse.
There will also be a darkening of the skin. Steriod creams can thin the skin making it when the child scratches it weeps and bleeds.

Eczema at any age can be aggravated by certain foods or by stressful situations, which can cause flare ups. so it is worth reducing or removing from the diet the foods that are causing an issue,
but if you are not sure or have no idea what foods are causing problems then a Food Intolerance Test is the quickest way to find out, you can find more on the Food Intolerance Page

The Elimination Diet is also a way of targeting these foods but that does take time and patience its important
to keep a food journal and monitor very closely the child's diet.

The homeopathic approach for eczema or any skin condition is to treat the person as a whole rather than treating only the skin.
In homeopathy, we treat everyone’s eczema as unique. Symptoms vary from child to child. The rash can look and feel very different and appears on different parts of the body there may be asthma problems too, or it could very dark patches that itch constantly and continue to get darker and darker. This affects teenagers more for obvious reasons, they want good clear beautiful skin.

Homeopaths are concerned with treating the cause not just the symptoms and those causes are always internal. The body is struggling to cope whether it be with food, enviromental, or emotional issues, so treating eczema or any skin conditions only by applying ointments is only treating the symptoms, and the child continues to become sick: constant colds; coughs; asthma; low immunity; ear infections; hay fever; stomach aches; constipation; diarrhoea the list is endless.

Non-medicated, non-steroid creams or oils will help soothe and moisturise the skin while homeopathic remedies are dealing with the internal problems this is a healthy way forward for the skin.

Extra virgin, organic Coconut oil is particularly soothing for cracked skin. Make sure you purchase natural creams that do not contain parabens, or petroleum products, as these can make the skin hot and itchy.

A healthy immune sytem is dependant on a healthy gut so its easy to see if the problem is food, why the child would go on to have other health problems.

Below are a few things to try For the older child Vitamin B complex promotes circulation and healthy skin Omega 3 Fatty Acids from fish oils can help the skin retain water so doesnt dry out so quickly Vitamin C inhibits inflammation Probiotics help control yeasts which can cause your skin to itch

But keep in mind while the child continues to eat the foods that their body is struggeing to cope with, there is always going to be a maintaning cause for the skin issue, so it is very important to track down the foods that are causing a problem.

Often prescribed treatment for eczema, topical steroids can have undesirable side effects especially after long term use. Skin conditions such as childhood eczema tend to flare up if the steroids are discontinued.

There are many other side effects of long term topical steroid use and it has been linked to diabetes, arthritis.

Rheumatiod Arthritis


Is painful crippling disease, affecting small joints first like fingers and toes moving on to the larger joints or even the odd attack of gout can be an indication of Rheumatic problems.
We are told there is not a cure! Thats not really the truth!

Its a slow process but people do get big improvements and i mean big! in pain, flexibility and stiffness which means more movement of joints with Homeopathy.

Rheumatiod Arthritis is inflammation of the joints another word for inflammation is toxic, or acidity, for some reason the body is not clearing the toxic build up, there are many reason for this.
Here are few things to think about.

First what else is going on?
Could it be?

Worry and stress is this be putting your body under extra pressure so its not having the energy for maintenance and repair.

Sleep is your body's time to repair so if there are sleep issues your body is not getting the down time it needs to heal and repair those muscles and joints.

IBS problems that means your body is not elimating toxic properly.

Dehydration Your body doesn't have enough fluid to keep your joints supple and flexible.

Heart Burn, Indigestion, Acid Reflux, all suggest your body is too acidic.

Eating foods that are causing inflammation within your body this is becoming more of an issue these days.

Hormone issues that are creating problem with the endocrine system.

whether you have one or more of the above issues, basically your body is slipping out of balance and that needs to be addressed in order to get your Arthitis improving.

Homeopaths are concerned with treating you has a person, not just the symptoms of Arthritis but also the reason for the Arthritis.

To treat just the symptoms without treating the cause of those symptoms makes little sense to a Homeopath. In order to restore health its important to find the maintaing cause of any health issue.

Homeopathy has helped 1000s of people over the years to get back to health and become more mobile including me! so don't think the diagnosis of rhumatiod arthitis or fibromyalgia, is the end of good health far from it.

Not convinced give us a call 0121-296-5268 there's a lot that homeopathy can do to get you moving again.

Conventional treatment for RA consists of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which have the risk of damaging the stomach lining, causing bleeding ulcers, or corticosteroids, which can cause high blood pressure and bone brittleness amongst other side effects.



The Doctor Within
We have a Doctor within ourselves!
when we get a small cut on our finger, it bleeds, later it stops bleeding! The blood clots and we don't need any medical help for this small wound to heal the body takes care of it all.

But if the wound is big, it needs an external aid like some stitches that help our body to heal. In the same way, a broken bone when set right, heals on its own without any medication. The doctor within ourselves guides and heals our body during illness.
In this context, we are aware of the fighting force of white blood corpuscles that guard our body.

When we need Extra Healing Power
When there is significant health problem the body alone cannot manage to recover on its own and sickness surfaces in the form of signs and symptoms. Here, our body needs an external force which will aid the body to recover and this is where Homeopathy steps in.

It strengthens the immune system (that guards our body) and helps the system to fight back and recover faster. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that works on the principle that our body's are constantly making the effort to maintain and re-establish the internal stability.

So when the body is in a state of sickness, Homeopathic medicines gently provide stimulation to the immune system and help us restore balance and health.

Going to the Root of the Trouble
Homeopathy treats you as an individual and not just your diseased parts independently. Unlike main stream medicine, homeopathy does not treat the name of the disease but it looks for the cause, the root of the problem and the maintaining cause of the health issue. When the cause is removed, or the maintaining factor is recognised the body starts to restore health.

Hay fever and Homoeopathy

While the rest of us welcome the lengthening days, Britain's ten million hayfever sufferers greet spring with dread at the prospect of months of sore, itchy eyes and violent sneezing.

Hayfever (seasonal allergic rhinitis or pollinosis) is an allergic reaction - usually triggered by pollen, grasses or mould spores.
It accounts for around 2.5 per cent of all GP visits and more than £50 million in medication costs.

Using conventional medications will help for a short time, but then the symptoms come flooding back sometimes it seems worse than before. Then of course there is the added problem of drowsiness caused by the medication.

Homoeopathy can do a great deal to help, without the drowsy side effects (Particulary useful for students at exam time) because it treats not just the symptoms but the underlying cause of those symptoms.

So you don't have to suffer year after year. If you want to know if Homeopathy can help your Allergy problem.

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Homeopathic medicine was created more than 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann.

Homeopathy has a different way of looking at and understanding symptoms, it treats 100's of people every day and is the second most commonly used form of medicine in the world. It is a form of alternative medicine that is widely used today in the U.S., Europe, Japan and India.

Homeopathy is not without its skeptics who question its effectiveness and say its benefits have not been verified by scientific and clinical studies.

The deep healing so many proponents speak of comes from the core philosophy of homeopathy: Hahnemann believed that the root cause of acute and chronic diseases
lay in a disturbance in a person's vital life force and that in order to cure a patient of their disease this needed treating.

Homeopathy takes into account all aspects of the patient not just their symptoms and complaints but to find why their body is slipping out of balance and to find the appropriate rebalancing solution. Whether it be a physical or an emotional problem homeopathy has a solution for them all.

Part One

Interesting Video with Bruce Lipton

Part Two

Continuing the video With Bruce Lipton

Reviews Homeopathy

My name is Akhtar from Birmingham and I was devastated when I was told I'll never be able to conceive after I suffered 7 miscarriages over a 8 year period and eventually I was left with 1 fallopian tube. Then I came across Homeopathy and it was a GOD SEND!!!. Within a short time of getting my body in sync with the homeopathy I conceived and now have a beautiful baby boy. I wish I had come across them before. And the Consultants WOW. Your not just another customer for them but they actually want to help you.

I was sceptic but have worked for a Homeopathic GP and over 3 years the success stories the patients have told me are amazing .... must be something there !!

I too have no problems about knowing how it works. I have seen what it can do and experienced it myself and that's good enough for me. It is fascinating and wonderful

For us, it has entirely replaced allopathic care. The only use I have for allopathic care whatsoever is "critical care" type situations, which thankfully we have not needed. For everything else, I consider homeopathy to be far superior and absolutely an intelligent and effective replacement.

It's the best thing ever changed my life for the better haven't felt this good in so long.

Edward brown
Excellent in every way! Homeopathy balances mind, body and soul They provide a warm and inspirational service. Have recommended to various friends and family and also used the food intolerance testing & vitamin/ minerals testing service. Thank you!!

I have used homeopathy for over 25 years in my family and have witnessed it save lives and resolve health issues more rapidly
and swiftly before any allopathic medicine could have done. Every so often the AMA has to give a little credit where credit is due!

Homeopathic remedies for home-care and first aid, have saved our butts more time than I can count.
I still do other things; nutrition, diet, herbs and common sense, but homeopathy has proven itself valuable in the trenches over and over.
For those who value science above anecdotal evidence, just keep in mind that every area of science has embraced the post Einstein ‘energy knowledge. Everybody has accepted E=Mc2, except when it comes to human medicine.
The refusal to see homeopathy and the energy component as it pertains to human health is to essentially stay stubbornly behind in the dark ages
Not knocking this area of medical genius, but conventional medicine does not own the theatre of health care…not by a long shot.
Even my allopathic doctor takes Arnica…



How is Homeopathy different from conventional medicine?

Conventional Medicine is diagnosing your symptoms, so your illness can be given a label (Arthritis , Acid Reflux, Eczema,) the list is endless.

Homeopaths are looking for the reason your body has developed symptoms which are causing you to feel unwell.

We recognise your body has just slipped out of balance and the symptoms are your body's messages to let you know something is not right.

Our objective is to restore that balance, and a side effect of that is better health. Need more information on your health problem give us a call.

Homeopathic Consultations