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My name is Akhtar from Birmingham and I was devastated when I was told I'll never be able to conceive after I suffered 7 miscarriages over a 8 year period and eventually I was left with 1 fallopian tube. Then I came across Homeopathy and it was a GOD SEND!!!. Within a short time of getting my body in sync with the homeopathy I conceived and now have a beautiful baby boy. I wish I had come across them before. And the Consultants WOW. Your not just another customer for them but they actually want to help you.

Teresa Terri Maguire I was sceptic but have worked for a Homeopathic GP and over 3 years the success stories the patients have told me are amazing .... must be something there !!

Lynne Fish I too have no problems about knowing how it works. I have seen what it can do and experienced it myself and that's good enough for me. It is fascinating and wonderful

Catherine EtFamille For us, it has entirely replaced allopathic care. The only use I have for allopathic care whatsoever is "critical care" type situations, which thankfully we have not needed. For everything else, I consider homeopathy to be far superior and absolutely an intelligent and effective replacement.

Angela Jeckray Castro It's the best thing ever changed my life for the better haven't felt this good in so long.

Edward brown in the last week Excellent in every way! Homoepathy balances mind, body and soul and Bernie provides a warm and inspirational service. Have recommended to various friends and family and also used the food intolerance testing & vitamin/ minerals testing service. Thank you!!

Food intolerance test


An amazing service by a wonderful professionals, so accurate and life changing I've lost 9 lb and feel less bloated and much brighter, thank you!
Monica S

Julian Thompson in the last week I cannot recommend the food intolerance tests that World of Homeopathy offer enough! The service was so easy to use and the team (Bernie and Fiona) were so helpful and really went beyond my expectations. I not only found out about food intolerances but the test also includes vitamin and mineral deficiencies which are so important to be aware of. The advice of both Bernie and Fiona in the report I received was also excellent. After reading my report my family and friends are now having food intolerance tests done, including all of the young children, which is great to see!

Simone Mighty in the last week-
My food intolerance test has taught me so much about the right foods to eat for my body and also which nutrients and vitamins I was lacking in. I have now been able to put that right, using advice from World of Homeopathy! Thank you Bernie and Fiona for all your help, I will definitely be recommending your services!